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DIY reception seating inspo

7 Jun

Seating cushions are fun! They’re a great, budget-friendly way to add gorgeous pops of color to your wedding reception without breaking the bank. And did I mention that they’re incredibly DIY? Seriously, pillows are probably one of the easiest things that a human can sew. With a world of fabric colors, patterns and textures at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to BYOP at your reception. Check out some of my favorite cushion inspiration from around the web:

Tap into your inner Bohemian with a low-lying table and vintage-print cushions as seats. Image via Green Wedding Shoes.
Cushions for the more sophisticated. Image via Tahoe Unveiled.
jam as favor
French-inspired shoot with adorable mix & match cushions. Image via Green Wedding Shoes.
Reception Decor Pillows Colorful Beach
I love all of the fun colors & patterns used at this Bahamas wedding! Image via Once Wed.
How cute & beachy are those rattan cushions in the sand? Image via the shoreside bride.
I love the color palette in this shoot, and don’t those pillows look inviting? Image via Love & Lavendar.
The best part about having adorable cushions at your reception? You can take ’em home and adorn your home! Check out some great ideas over at Engaged Inspired.

Pretty Picnics

16 May

Yay!!  It’s Picnic Time!!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE picnics.  They’re cozy, intimate and sweet.  Hmmm…  sounds like a perfect wedding theme to me!

The orange pillows look comfy and inviting.  They are a great pop of color for this picnic wedding.

via Jules Wedding Ideas

This picnic is adorable.  The patterned blanket, overflowing basket and use of crates is fantastic.

via Tinywater

I love how the blankets form the aisle for this picnic wedding.  GREAT set up!

via Manolo for the Brides

You can’t have a picnic without a fabulous quilt.  And why would you?  Look how cozy they look.

via The Stories of A to Z

The checkered tablecloth…That’s right up there along with the quilt.  A picnic must-have. 

via Style Crush

I can only assume the single pink blanket is the sweetheart table blanket.  Adorable, right?!?

via Project Wedding

The pillar candles bring elegance to this picnic wedding table.

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

bridesmaids picnic wedding

PB&J, strawberries and those sweet bridesmaid dresses… AYKM??  This is the PERFECT picnic wedding!!

via Green Wedding Shoes

Supplying extra pillows is an idea I’m sure your guests will appreciate.

via The Abbey Blog

I will leave you with this image.  It’s too gorgeous not too :)!

via Classic Bride

Block Island wedding inspo

17 Mar

First things first: Happy St. Patrick’s day! Hope you all managed to sneak a little Bailey’s into your cup of joe this morning.:)

Now. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to visit Block Island, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this gorgeous nautical-themed wedding over at Aylee Bits!

I’m totally obsessed with the invites – the white rope and starfish? Get outta town. And how freakin’ adorable is the navy and coral color scheme? I love every last detail in this swoon-worthy photo spread – inspiration galore! Photography by Snap! Photography of Rhode Island – check out their website for more photo goodness. Enjoy:)

Real Wedding Inspiration: Going nautical on Block Island

Hay, please take a seat!

11 Mar

Hay Bales. They are earthy and country-cozy… Which is why I love them for an outdoor seating option.  Oh, did I mention they can be fairly cheap too? 

 Now this really depends on where you live.  Hay will be much cheaper where there is a surplus.  So if you’re a country girl, they will probably be pretty inexpensive.   My city dwellers however will most likely spend much more.  Be sure to browse around and compare your prices before purchasing or renting hay bales.  You also want to make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer.  If you don’t there is a chance your bales may be old and with age comes odor and bugs, neither of wich you want!!

So, if you are thinking about having hay bale seating for your wedding or party… I say go for it.  As long as you do your reasearch you should be fine.  And don’t worry about the hay being uncomfortable or itchy.  Throw a quilt and some pillows over the bale and you will have a cute comfortable place for your guests to sit! 


These guests don’t seem to mind one bit they are sitting on hay.  Actually, I think they LOVE it!  Isn’t this a charming ceremony setup I found at The Nichols?

Isn’t this cozy? I wish I was a guest at this wedding.  I think the pairing of neutral fabric and bright flags is perfect.  The chairs in the back are a perfect option for guests who may not be as comfortable on the hay.  Thank you Green Wedding Shoes for sharing this one with us!  Be sure to check out the rest of the wedding at GWS…. SOOOO CUTE!

These bales were used as seating for the reception.  This might be much cheaper than chair rental and definitely worth considering.  found at Chez Wedd

I wouldn’t have thought to use pillows!  GREAT idea and extra comfy! found at Ultimately Plush

Although I DO adore the pillows here, I think this seating arrangement is missing drapery.  It looks a bit itchy BUT I think the seat does look comfortable because it has a back.  A bale back is a fab idea!!  found at Weddingbee


These accent pillows and yellow fans are adorable!  found at Elizabeth Anne Designs

This isn’t quite as rustic as most of the hay bale seating but I’m lovin’ it just the same.  The bold colors and hanging candles makes this look more contemporary than country.  found at Intimate Weddings

A hay bale lounge?!  That’s where I’d be!!  found at Food, Fun and Love

Ahh-dorable… a hay bale couch!  LOVE, love this!  Very inviting and SUPER charming!  found at Postcards and Pretties

Tuesday’s Trio

22 Feb

 Today, let’s take a time out to ooh and aah at some weddings.  I have three I’d like to share with you today.  Are you ready to be WOWed?  Here we goooo…..


This lovely wedding took place in San Antonio and was photographed by Chelsea Nicole.  I came across it a few days ago and knew I wanted to share it with you.  There are so many charming details you just HAVE to see!! 

My favorite detail…  her STUNNING bouquet.  Made of everything but the kitchen sink… although that may be in there too :)  The bouquet is an arrangement of pins, buttons, brooches, earings, and YES even a spoon.   It is one of the loveliest things I have ever seen and even more so because each piece was chosen specifically for one sentimental reason or another. 

A flower girl in a tutu??  I believe every bride should have one! 

A bouquet of feathers and an oversized flower… Ahh-mazing! 



This wedding is an elegant outdoor tented event and was shot by the very talented Geoff White.  Every detail is dynamic and absolutely gorgeous.  I am loving the deep reds accompanied by the black and white pattern.  Simply stunning!

Jenna & ryan wedding

Gorgeous color wedding

Roses hung with ribbon… a simple idea but a huge statement.

Gorgeous wedding set up

Wedding ceremony photographers

Wedding ceremony overview

What a beautiful ceremony set up.  I love an outdoor affair.

Tent wedding

The color combo… supurb!

Italian ice wedding

Mmmm.. delish wedding drinks… I’ll take two!

Tent lighting

Gorgeous lighting wedding

The glowing tent is so romantic.



I fell in love with this intimate lakeside wedding as soon as I saw it on Wedding Wire.  It is one of the most charming weddings I have ever seen.

Is this not one of the cutest couples?  Adorable duo!

I love the row boat, the flowers in the hair and ADORE the lamp centerpieces. 

The ribbons hanging from the tree set a carefree and whimsical mood. 

 This wedding is so enchanting… I’m happy I had the opportunity to see it and share all of it’s charm with you.

Take it outside

16 Feb

Where are my beautiful outdoor brides??  Today, my inspiration is for you!!  I have an idea that will turn up the charm at any outdoor wedding…. FURNITURE!!

Vintage Dresser Wedding DecorRustic Vintage Wedding Ideas-02

Now this is right up my alley… a hutch turned guestbook table.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. 

found at Elizabeth Ann Designs

Oh la la!  French inspired sign in table… je t’aime !

found at From the Heart

Anthropologie Owl Baby Shower

What a cute dessert dresser.  Very garden chic.  Now, let’s turn our attention to the branch inspired dessert stand… Sorry, I had too.  I think it’s awesome.

found at Hostess With the Mostess

This desk was made for these apple seating cards.  Cute and creative.

found at Santa Barbara Chic

A bookshelf for photos…  DO IT!!!

found at The ListMaker

How SWEET… and I’m not talking about the drinks, although, they DO look delish!

found at A Country Girl Wedding

Ahh, this rustic beverage station is soooo charming.

found at Loft Apt

Sofa seating, YES PLEASE!

found at Put a Witty Headline Here

Bohemian beach wedding

31 Jan

Oh summer, and the beach, and the sun. So close, yet so very far away…as I sit here about to get buried by yet another nor’easter. What’s a girl gotta do to get some solar lovin’ these days?

Anyway, this gorgeous wedding by Geneve Rege that I found on Ruffled cured my summer craving for at least a little while. Oh Cape Cod, let me count the ways…

I never thought I’d hear the adjectives “Black tie,” “Bohemian,” and “beach” all describe one wedding! ;] Totally loving Ruffled’s description:  “Great Gatsby glamour and artisanal touches.” I thoroughly enjoyed this one…it makes me want the summer so bad!

formal purple beach wedding

Here’s wishing every bride-to-be a ceremony exit photo as adorable as this one. :]


Wow. Just wow. Stunning bouquet!


I don’t know why, but for some reason this photo just screams Cape Cod. Maybe it’s the grey shingled cottage in the background with a backdrop of the stunning Atlantic..


Such a cute detail for the ceremony. Love it!


I’m a sucker for adorable signage, and a huge fan of a “Shoe Check” idea for a beach wedding.


Loving the headgear…



Skeleton keys, I love you…especially when you are used as placecard holders.


Ok forget curing my summer craving…now it’s just gotten worse!


I love how simple, fun and classy these table numbers & decor are – it really gives the table a whimsical feel.


Are you freakin’ kidding? Stunning. I really love the bright & airy feel that the white linens provide the space.


Clear glass bottles of all shapes & sizes as vases – I’m a fan!



Love the ambiance of those paper lanterns – such a budget-friendly option too! Stores like have a huge assortment, at prices starting around $4 each. Sweet!


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