You’re invited!

11 Sep

I have always had a love of paper and design so when I see something unique I can’t help but stare.  Since posting about Jessica Clair’s invitations it seems like my Google Reader is full of amazing pieces of art. 

Today I am highlighting the best invites that I have seen this week.  Enjoy!  

Do you love beautiful paper too?  These were found on Oh So Beautiful Paper, a must-read for the paper obsessed.    The couple had a long distance relationship and their invitations were designed to highlight the time apart and together, so cute.
Photography by Seize the Day Photography


Catalog invitation, must have been some event. 
Found on Brooklyn Bride, Images from Jermone Daksiewicz

Found over at Green Wedding Shoes, these invites are so pretty for this hippy chic wedding. 
Photography by Cameron Ingalls

If you haven’t seen these invites yet, you live under a rock…lol.  They have been posted all over the web but I never get sick of looking at them, I love how personal they are. 
Post again this week on DIY Wedding, Images by LemonLime Photography

And for my DIY ladies, check these little pretties out.
Posted on iDIY

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